Debut Demos

by Wyldling

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A collection of the very first tunes we ever posted online as Wyldling all recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by the band in the bedroom.

All three tracks are still amongst their popular ones today.


released May 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Wyldling Londonderry, UK

Sponsored by Laney Amplification. Fronted by the enigmatic Jilly St John. Winners of 'Best Female' in the 2013 Sunset Music Awards. A featured act on BBC Introducing ahead of One Big Weekend 2013.

"One of the best front women in the country' says HotPress columnist Edwin McFee.

Four piece electronic rock act from Derry, NI.

Wyldling are receiving raves reviews and support wherever they fare! ♥
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Track Name: Let Go
Think you're coated in gold.
Punching pinholes.
But you're a fool for the rain,
And you're addicted.
Keep on passing the blame,
Asking for more.
I won't get tangled in games.
Cling to your own floor.
Cling to your own floor.

CH. x2
Let go! Let go!
Regain control, regain control.
You gotta let go! Let go!
Regain control.

Threads on ears are so worn.
You're life afflicted.
Keep on passing the shame,
Proclaiming war.
I won't keep feeding your flames,
Settle your own score.
Settle you're own score.

CH. x2

Think you're coated in gold, punching pinholes.
But this story's been told,
And I'm resisting.
Fall from your own grace,
My eyes look no more.
I won't get tangled in your games, no.
Settle your own score.
Cling to your own floor.

CH. x2
Track Name: Waiting On Water
Crawling through desert.
Burned by the sun.
Can't help but feeling like you're under the gun.
These grains of sand, they float like time on the wind...
Frantically grasping to stay safe in your skin.

Feelin' the dust
Flowing hot in your veins.
Calling for mercy
Under the strain.
Throw your head back,
Not a cloud in the sky.
Stand tall as you watch the others fly by.

Waiting on water
So you can finally breathe.
Waiting on rain it's coming,
You just gotta believe.
You just gotta believe.

So long walking but still you can see
Oasis there in front of thee.
No going back, but you'll make it home,
Because it's in you in your bones.

CH. x2
Track Name: Siren
You're a crime
With those undress me eyes.
You can taste me.
I'll be your little cupcake, cupcake baby.

If you want me
You can find me
On the dance floor
Come a little closer and I'll show you what these lips are for.

Hunt me down.
Lock me in your sights.
I'll let you chain me.
I'll be your little kitty cat, kitty cat baby.
Take me home
And I'll do the time.
If you crave me
I'll be your little head rush, head rush baby.

CH. x1

I feel you close.
I can sense your ghost.
You can cage me.
I'll be your little jail bird, jail bird baby.

CH. x1
If you want me
You can find me
On your bedroom floor
Come a little closer and I'll show you what these lips are for.